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Automotive Coverage Criteria for New Drivers

Automotive insurance will protect you as a new driver. If you have recently passed your driving test, review the tips below. Then, contact one of our Allied Insurance Agency representatives for further assistance.

Liability Protection

Many regions require drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage. Liability protection pays for the cost of repairs.

If you are found at fault in a traffic accident, the liability insurance protection you have will handle the expenses that directly result from the accident.

You can carry the minimum amount of liability protection that is required in the region in which you live. You also have the option of increasing the amount of liability protection that you are equipped with.

Damage and Theft

Damage and theft coverage will pay for automotive repair costs and the loss of automotive equipment. This type of coverage will allow you to recoup losses you incur after a criminal activity. The amount of coverage that you choose should be consistent with the value of your vehicle. 

Insurance Documents

As a new driver, you may have many questions about your rights and responsibilities. Before you select an insurance product, review each of the options you have.

Compare rates and review the insurance guidelines that are furnished for each type of coverage that you are seeking.

After you purchase insurance, keep your insurance paperwork in a safe place. One copy of your proof of insurance should always be stored inside your vehicle.

Contact Allied Insurance Agency

An agent serving the Amarillo, TX region can answer any questions about automotive insurance. They will match you with products that will be useful to you.