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What is Covered by Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance can help you protect your belongings and financial security. It’s important to know what is covered by renter’s insurance if you are a renter. We offer renter’s insurance at Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX. 

Personal Belongings 

Renter’s insurance provides coverage for your personal belongings. This includes electronics, jewelry, antiques, and furniture. If your items are damaged due to a covered event, your renter’s policy will cover replacing them. 

You can also add valuables plus coverage. This is a good idea if you have valuable items that exceed the limits of your policy, such as high-value items like jewelry or antiques. 

Personal Liability

Personal liability insurance covers injuries to others on your property. For example, liability coverage will pay for their medical expenses if someone falls and hits their head. Liability coverage also includes accidental damage to someone’s belongings or property that occurs at your home. 

Loss of Use

Most renter’s policies also cover loss of use. If your home is unlivable, this coverage will pay for your living expenses until you can get back into your home.

This includes rent or hotel expenses, food costs, and transportation costs. 

Identity Theft 

Your renter’s policy may also provide some protection from identity theft. This coverage typically covers unauthorized transactions and may also cover legal fees. 

Water Backup 

You may also consider water backup insurance, which covers damage caused by a backed-up sewer system or drain. 


You may also choose earthquake coverage. This will cover any damage to your belongings due to an earthquake. 

Renter’s Insurance at Allied Insurance Agency

If you need renter’s insurance in Amarillo, TX, contact us at Allied Insurance Agency. Our experienced agents will discuss your needs and concerns and help you select the best policy for your situation.