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Why You May Be Required to Have Home Insurance

Home insurance is more than a need for anyone who owns a home; it’s often also a requirement. Many entities require homeowners insurance. If you don’t yet have your policy, please call us at Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX, to find out more.

Mortgage Lenders

Virtually all mortgage lenders require you to have home insurance. They’re investing heavily in your home and want to protect their investment. Most lenders require the home insurance policy to be in place before you can close on the home. If you plan to buy soon, a home policy needs to be set up. This policy can take effect on the closing day.


You will likely need home insurance if you live in an area governed by a homeowner’s association or HOA. These organizations aim to ensure the ability to repair any damaged homes in the area and protect property values. Without home insurance, derelict houses that suffered damage but can’t afford to repair pose a risk. Ensuring all homeowners maintain home insurance assures everyone that funds will be available for necessary repairs.


Most areas have covenants whether you have an HOA or not. Most home buyers must acknowledge these covenants when they purchase their home; having home insurance is usually part of this. The reasoning behind it is the same as for HOAs: to prevent property values from dropping.

Acquiring Home Insurance

If you’re purchasing a house, you should acquire home insurance to cover you from day one of ownership. Contact us at Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX.