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Motor Home Insurance in Texas

Having a motorhome gives you a great place to sleep and travel. Many people use motorhomes as their full-time homes, while others use them occasionally during the year for some travel. No matter what kind of motorhome you have and how often you use it, you have to have a motorhome policy on it at all times. If you have a motorhome in Texas and you need insurance for it, call us now at Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX.

Motorhome Classes A, B, and C

There are three classes of motorhomes: A, B, and C. They are based on the design and the size of the motorhome. Each of these classes indicates a different type of motorhome, and the classification affects the motorhome policy you get. If you have a very long motorhome, such as a converted bus, your motorhome is likely in class A. These are the largest motorhomes, and they can be very long, measuring up to 75 feet. Motorcoaches are in this category. The smallest motorhomes are in class B. These are the kind of campers and travel trailers that so many people travel with. They have a design that does not include an area that reaches over the cab of the vehicle. If your motorhome is a combination of a camper section and a cargo van, it is in class C. It's essential to know the type of motorhome you have before you get your insurance policy.

Part-Time Vs. Full-Time Occupancy

If you are going to live in your motorhome full time, this should be reflected in your motorhome policy. It does make the policy more expensive, but that's because the motorhome is placed at more risk the more it is used. A motorhome that is only used part-time will cost less to insure.

Get Your Motorhome Insurance

If you have a motorhome in Texas and need an insurance policy for it, give us a call today at Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX.