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Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

Don't let unforeseen charges get in the way of your progress. Find low-cost motorbike insurance that can protect you and your ride financially.

What Is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance protects you financially in the event of an accident, loss, theft, or damage to your motorcycle. Liability coverage is included in motorcycle insurance. When you're at fault, motorbike coverage usually covers the costs of injuries to people and damage to their property. Your motorcycle can be protected against unforeseen disasters such as theft, fire, and bad weather. If you collide with another vehicle or an object, collision coverage will pay for the damage to your motorcycle.

About Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

Riding your bike without motorcycle insurance in Texas is a dangerous proposition, considering the Department of Transportation pushes for a greater emphasis on motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle owners must understand that insurance is designed to ensure everyone on the road is protected, and it does not have to be expensive. Contact us immediately to find out whether your insurance is cheaper than you thought. In no time, Allied Insurance Agency will have you riding your motorcycle legally and safely.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

At Allied Insurance Agency, when putting together a motorbike insurance policy, you have the option of selecting from a variety of insurance types to cover a variety of issues. The most prevalent types of motorbike insurance are shown below.

  • Liability coverage
  • Guest passenger liability insurance
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Personal injury protection
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Roadside assistance

Riders are as diverse as their bikes, and the Allied Insurance Agency recognizes this. Take, for example, how people feel about the word "motorbike." Some people solely use it to refer to a small, light motorcycle or scooter, while others mix it up with "motorcycle." Allied Insurance Agency can provide motorcycle, scooter, and motorbike insurance that protects you and your ride for the long haul, no matter how you look at your two (or three) wheeled vehicle of choice.

To get a motorcycle insurance quote, call us or visit our offices in Amarillo, TX.