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RV Insurance in Texas

Recreational vehicles, also known as RVs, provide a great way to see the world, and they can be just like being in your own home. They can serve as your own home. They require you to have an insurance policy on them just as you would with any other vehicle. Getting RV insurance is kind of like getting a cross between home and auto insurance, with a home that's on wheels. If you're in Texas and you need RV insurance, call us today at Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX.

The Class of Your RV

Your RV insurance has a lot to do with the RV class that it is in. There are three classes that each include specific types of RVs, and you need a policy written for your RV type. Class A RVs are the largest of the RVs, including motor coaches and converted buses, and they can be as long as 75 feet. Class B RVs tend to be the smallest models. The design of class B RVs does not include an area of the RV that fits over the can. Campers and the like are in this category. In class C, you will find cargo vans used along with a camper section that does go above the cab.

How Often You Use Your RV

Another part of your RV insurance policy is how often you use your RV. Some people live in their RV all of the time, which means more risk and a higher cost for RV insurance. If you only take it out occasionally, your insurance policy will reflect that scarcity of use. Other factors are the age of your RV and its make and model.

Get Your RV Insurance Policy

When you have an RV in Texas, you need an RV policy for it. Give us a call today at Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX to find out more.