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Is renters insurance required in Texas?

Texas is a young state compared to some others in the country. It is also very popular and has people moving there in droves. Luckily, Texas has a lot of rentals so that people can move and find a place to stay easily. At Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX, we are independent insurance agents who offer not just home insurance, but renters insurance and we are happy to explain all the benefits to our customers. 

Renters Insurance Facts

In Texas, renters insurance is not required by the state; however, it may be required by a landlord or management company. You will know whether it is required when you sign your lease. 

You may wonder why anyone should require you to have renters insurance. What does it have to offer? Doesn’t your landlord or management company have insurance? When it comes to your landlord or management company, they surely do have insurance, but it will not help you if the rental is damaged. They are only insured for their property, not yours. 

Renters insurance offers quite a lot of coverage for renters. It protects your content, offers liability coverage, and provides loss of use protection. These make a really big difference if your rental is hit by a covered hazard. 

Have you ever considered how you would replace all the things you own if, for instance, you had a fire in your rental? Imagine having to start again with only the clothes on your back. Would you have the finances to be able to do that? Where would you stay if your rental was so damaged you couldn’t live there? How would you pay for injuries to someone injured at your rental or by a member of your family away from the rental? 

If any of these are difficult, renters insurance is an option to consider. Contact Allied Insurance Agency in  Amarillo, TX to discuss renters insurance. 

A Look At 3 Key Parts Of Auto Insurance

Allied Insurance Agency serves the Amarillo, TX community, as well as the surrounding areas. We are an independent agency. We are committed to helping our clients find the coverage they need to protect themselves in any situation. Working with multiple carriers allows us to offer our clients flexible policies that align with you and analyze your situation. This allows us to help you find coverage that evolves as your life changes.

3 Key Parts Of Auto Insurance

Accidents can occur at any given moment while you’re out on the road. That’s why auto insurance is such a valuable asset. Auto insurance covers you if an issue arises while you are out on the road. Auto insurance is a unique type of coverage in that there are a lot of variables that make up the policy. Let’s take a closer look.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you if your vehicle accidentally injures someone or damages their property. Perhaps you take your eye off the road for a split second. Suddenly your vehicle hits another one, causing rear-end damage. Liability coverage will protect you in these situations.


Collision insurance covers you if your vehicle is damaged due to an impact with another object. Your vehicle is protected, so you won’t have to worry about handling the repairs. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if you are a victim of theft or someone vandalizes your car. You’re also covered if severe weather moves through the Amarillo, TX community and damages your vehicle. 

Additional Coverage

You can amend your auto insurance policy to add extra coverage. Emergency roadside assistance is recommended. Perhaps you are traveling somewhere, and your vehicle suffers a flat tire or your engine starts having trouble. You will receive immediate roadside service.

Allied Insurance Agency Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about auto insurance.

Top 5 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle is not for the faint of heart and on a busy roadway, your ride can become a nightmare in rapid fashion. From dodging pedestrians to merging onto a slippery line to avoiding distracted drivers, being a motorcyclist requires patience, diligence, and a keen eye towards safety. 

Watch the Mirrors

Paying attention to the head movements of drivers in front and behind you is one of the best ways to anticipate their next move. Since we started driving, motorists are taught to turn their head in the direction that they are turning before doing so to be sure it is clear of oncoming traffic. 

Be Diligent at Off-ramps

Drivers that decide to exit at the last minute either because they are cutting traffic or about to miss a turn, spell disaster for motorcyclists. Never position yourself between a vehicle and an offramp.

Finger on Brake

When on a motorcycle in traffic, you have to react quickly and not fumbling for the brake or pedal is imperative. To minimize lag and maximize your reflexes, always keep a finger near the break level and your right toe within close proximity to the rear brake pedal. 

Dress Appropriately

Not only should motorcyclists wear safety equipment, but also wear clothes that allow drivers and pedestrians to see you from a distance. Avoid all-black attire and switch to gear that is brightly colored so that you are easily noticeable. 

Know the Road Surface

In addition to scanning for obstacles, vehicles, and pedestrians motorcyclists should also keep an eye on the asphalt condition. Look for shiny pavement as this could be a sign of spilled oil or fuel along with gravel and sand. 

At Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX our talented and friendly team of insurance professionals are ready to answer all your motorcycle insurance questions. Give us a call to learn more. 

How to Ride With Peace of Mind With Motorcycle Insurance

There are plenty of reasons to get motorcycle insurance, but the most important reason is that it allows you to ride with peace of mind. For motorcycle riders living in Amarillo, TX, the thrill of cruising the highway or participating in motorcycle activities should never be ruined with worried thoughts about the unexpected. Allied Insurance Agency is here to give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your motorcycle safely. 

What Motorcycle Insurance Can Do for You

Some riders believe that motorcycle insurance is not that important, but they couldn’t be more wrong. In Texas, every rider must carry motorcycle insurance. There’s a reason for this, and it’s for your own benefit. By having motorcycle insurance, you not only protect your investment, but you remain compliant with the law and avoid paying expensive fines. Motorcycle insurance also protects you from liability issues, so you can ride with peace of mind wherever you go.

What Allied Insurance Agency Can Do for You

Motorcycle insurance comes with various benefits, but that’s only if you’re dealing with the right insurer. Allied Insurance Agency can help you if you’re in Amarillo, TX. We are always happy to give you value for your money and to take the stress off your shoulders by giving you the most suitable coverage for your needs. 

Get in Touch With Allied Insurance Agency Today for Motorcycle Insurance In Amarillo, TX 

Your peace of mind is the most valuable thing to have when out and about on your motorcycle. That’s why you need to prepare for the unexpected to avoid financial loss. From here, the next course of action is to get in touch with us to learn more about motorcycle insurance in Amarillo, TX. Once you discover what we have to offer, you’ll be in a hurry to sign up for our services. So contact us today to get started!