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Why All Renters Need Renters’ Insurance

Everyone should take steps to protect themselves financially. When you rent a home, it’s important to have the protection you need. You should have a renters’ insurance policy so that you’re well protected against the many risks you could face as a renter. It’s important to make sure that you’re able to get things taken care of if there is a major damaging event or another problem that leads to big bills later. To get your renters’ insurance, call us at Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX.

Protection for Your Belongings

Most of what you own is located in your home, and often it’s all of what you own. That leaves you vulnerable to damaging incidents if you don’t have renters’ insurance. When you have renters’ insurance, your possessions are covered against a wide range of risks. It’s important to have this coverage so that if your belongings were destroyed or otherwise made unusable, you would be able to pay for the replacement of your belongings. Something like an accident or a disaster can easily wipe out most of what you own all at once. Stay prepared in case this happens. 

Liability Protection

It’s also important to protect yourself against any liability you may have after an accident. If someone is in your home and has an accident there, they could have medical bills that you would owe. When you have renters’ insurance, it pays for these medical bills and certain other expenses that the injured party has because of the accident. No renter should be without this type of coverage just in case someone falls or is otherwise injured. 

Get Renters’ Insurance

To get started with renters’ insurance, you can contact us for more information. Call us today at Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX to learn more about it. 

What Texas Renters Should Know About Liability Protection

For many Amarillo, TX renters, liability protection is a coverage component included in their rental insurance policies. Yet, just because it is common does not mean everyone understands the extent of this coverage. If you have a renter’s insurance policy, here are some essential coverage components you should understand.

Renters Insurance

Medical Payments

Liability protection often includes coverage for medical payments made on behalf of someone who does not reside in your home. If a guest is injured while visiting, no matter who is at fault, this coverage may help cover their medical bills. However, remember that this coverage component is typically extended to non-household members.

Beyond Property Loss

Another essential part of this coverage is that it can offer protection for losses beyond physical property, such as furniture. For instance, if your dog bites someone at a local Amarillo TX park, your liability coverage might cover their medical bills, missed time from work, and other associated costs.

Coverage Amounts

Not all policies have the same amount of liability coverage. One person might have a policy with $100,000, while someone else might have $250,000 in liability protection. Examine your circumstances to determine how much coverage you need. A professional at Allied Insurance Agency can help you review your coverage limits.

Legal Fee Assistance

Suppose a guest is injured in your home, and they decide to sue you for damages. In that case, the liability protection offered with your policy can help you cover the cost of any court costs, settlements, or legal fees associated with the case based on your policy limit.

We Are Here To Help

You must understand the depth of your liability protection. The more knowledgeable you are, the more you can get out of your policy and the more peace of mind you will have. Contact Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX to learn more about how your liability coverage can work for you.

My landlord already has insurance. Why do I need renters insurance as well?

Renters insurance from Allied Insurance Agency is an important tool to have in your back pocket when renting a property here in Amarillo, TX, even if your landlord already has insurance. While your landlord’s policy covers damage to the physical structure of the home, it doesn’t protect you from liability or theft of your personal possessions. 

That’s where renters insurance comes in.

Renters insurance protects you from accident costs and other damages not covered under your landlord’s policy. If a guest is injured on your property, for example, renters insurance can help cover their medical expenses and any legal costs that may arise. It also covers lost or stolen items like furniture, appliances, jewelry, and electronics. In addition, renters insurance provides coverage if you need to move out temporarily due to an unexpected event like a fire or natural disaster.

Ultimately, renters insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you are well-protected against potential accidents and losses while living in someone else’s home. The small monthly premium may seem insignificant compared to the cost of replacing all of your valuables should something happen during your tenancy – making it well worth considering adding this extra layer of security to your rental agreement.

We Are Here To Help

For more information, give us at Allied Insurance Agency a call today. We are proud to serve the Amarillo, TX area and would be happy to help you find a policy that not only meets your needs but your budget as well. So don’t wait! Call us today! You will sleep better knowing that you are covered in case of an unexpected event.

Renter’s Insurance in Amarillo TX: What You Need to Know

Are you a renter living in Amarillo, TX? If so, you may wonder if you should get renter’s insurance even if your landlord doesn’t require it. Allied Insurance Agency’s answer is yes! While most landlords have liability insurance on their rental property, this does not protect you or your belongings. Without renter’s insurance, you are responsible for replacing lost or damaged items due to theft, fire, or natural disaster. Renter’s insurance also protects you if someone is hurt inside your home.

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover? 

Renter’s insurance covers your personal property and provides essential liability coverage. If someone is injured while visiting your rental unit, they can file a claim against your policy. It also covers loss or damages due to fire, smoke damage, theft, burglary, water damage (such as flooding), vandalism, and other disasters. It can also cover additional living expenses if the unit needs to be temporarily vacated due to an insured event like a fire.  

Why Renter’s Insurance Is An Important Investment

Renter’s insurance isn’t just something your landlord might recommend; it’s an important investment in protecting yourself and your belongings from harm. Whether you’re renting an apartment, condo, or a house in Amarillo, TX, getting renter’s insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that should something happen to your home or its contents – whether through theft or natural disaster.

You will be able to recoup some of those losses with adequate coverage from Allied Insurance Agency that fits within your budget. Don’t wait until it’s too late—speak with one of our friendly agents today about getting the protection you need for yourself and for what matters most!

Three things to do when you’re choosing renters insurance

Purchasing renters insurance is something that you should do to protect your assets and belongings as a renter. Our insurance experts at Allied Insurance Agency are happy to assist Amarillo, TX renters with their insurance policies.

It’s important for you to go through a few important steps when you’re getting renters insurance.

The following are three important things you should do when you’re choosing a policy:

Figure out the types of coverage you wish to purchase

There are numerous types of coverage that a renters insurance policy can offer. These include personal possessions, liability, and additional living expenses coverage. You should research what all these types of coverage are and determine what your unique needs are. 

Research renters insurance providers that offer insurance in your area

You’ll also want to see what your options are when you’re looking for renters insurance. Find insurance companies that offer renters insurance policies in your area.

You might want to consider purchasing a policy from a company you’re already buying another type of insurance from if possible so that you can take advantage of a bundling discount. 

Set a budget and get quotes on policies

You should have an idea in mind about how much you want to spend on monthly premiums. You can then request quotes on policies from a few different providers. Make sure that you compare quotes between policy providers so that you can choose the best option for the situation you’re dealing with. 

Contact Us Today

When you purchase renters insurance from us at Allied Insurance Agency, we’ll help you through every step. We’re here for renters looking for the insurance coverage they need in Amarillo, TX. Get in touch with us to find the right policy for your needs. 

How Can I Find The Right Renters Insurance Policy For Me?

The first thing you should do is check your current homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it already provides coverage for rental properties. If it does, then you can use it for your tenants and their belongings. 

Renters’ insurance policies are similar to homeowner’s policies. That’s, they provide a set of benefits that can help cover the costs of replacing the property or paying for other losses related to the property. Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX is here to assist you.

Getting the Right Renters’ Insurance Policy 

The cost of a renters policy will vary depending on a number of factors, including the value of the personal items that the policyholder wishes to protect and the location of the policyholder’s residence. 

You should also think about whether or not your renters’ insurance policy will cover any liability issues related to your tenants living in your home and their actions while they are there. For example, if something happens while they are staying at your house and they are injured or someone else is injured as a result of their actions. Then, it may be covered by this type of policy. 

If you can only find affordable policies, then that’s a good start. As soon as you discover that you have a higher deductible, then you need to start looking at the deductible portion of the policy. The amount of money you will need to make will depend on several different factors. For instance, your total income, the length of time you need the insurance, and the value of your home. 

You can find a vast range of policies online or through an agent, but it’s also a good idea to visit the insurance company’s website to learn about their policies and benefits. You can also ask your agent or landlord if they have a website where you can buy the policies. 

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The best policies will cover all of your expenses, make sure you are protected from start to finish and have prompt payment options. For services in the greater Amarillo, TX community, consult with Allied Insurance Agency.

Is renters insurance required in Texas?

Texas is a young state compared to some others in the country. It is also very popular and has people moving there in droves. Luckily, Texas has a lot of rentals so that people can move and find a place to stay easily. At Allied Insurance Agency in Amarillo, TX, we are independent insurance agents who offer not just home insurance, but renters insurance and we are happy to explain all the benefits to our customers. 

Renters Insurance Facts

In Texas, renters insurance is not required by the state; however, it may be required by a landlord or management company. You will know whether it is required when you sign your lease. 

You may wonder why anyone should require you to have renters insurance. What does it have to offer? Doesn’t your landlord or management company have insurance? When it comes to your landlord or management company, they surely do have insurance, but it will not help you if the rental is damaged. They are only insured for their property, not yours. 

Renters insurance offers quite a lot of coverage for renters. It protects your content, offers liability coverage, and provides loss of use protection. These make a really big difference if your rental is hit by a covered hazard. 

Have you ever considered how you would replace all the things you own if, for instance, you had a fire in your rental? Imagine having to start again with only the clothes on your back. Would you have the finances to be able to do that? Where would you stay if your rental was so damaged you couldn’t live there? How would you pay for injuries to someone injured at your rental or by a member of your family away from the rental? 

If any of these are difficult, renters insurance is an option to consider. Contact Allied Insurance Agency in  Amarillo, TX to discuss renters insurance.