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Will auto insurance cover the replacement of my car’s stereo system?

Many of us enjoy listening to the radio as we drive around town running errands or traveling to different places. It is a common pleasant part of the driving experience. Fortunately, your car’s sound system is typically covered under your auto insurance policy. Our Amarillo, TX team at Allied Insurance Agency takes pride in educating drivers about all the coverage benefits of auto insurance.

Will auto insurance cover the replacement of my car’s stereo system?

Typically, yes. Your car’s unaltered sound system is usually covered under basic, comprehensive, and collision auto insurance. However, the issues you may be having with your car’s sound system and how they came about determines which coverage will be applied for the repair or replacement of your sound system.

Drivers can also purchase add-on insurance in the form of sound system insurance to cover the replacement or repair of an aftermarket sound system. This auto insurance will cover theft and any damage caused as a result of an accident.

Drivers should inform their auto insurance company if they plan on purchasing a new stereo system. This will avoid any issues associated with invalidating your existing car insurance policy that could arise from purchasing a sound system without informing your insurance provider.

Any changes to your car’s existing systems and structure should be noted and disclosed to your insurance provider. An insurance agent can discuss how and what forms of coverage would apply to your sound system based on the accident or circumstance.

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